Back to the cold...

Hi everyone....

This is my last blog about America (maybe for australia I search an other place where it is easier with pictures..but i'll tell you ;)

How are you all doin' I'm great !!

I'll tell you about my bday my leaving and arriving...

First my bday:
In the morning amy wanted to sing for me but my door was closed and she was afraid to open it (gentle americans...not that direct) so when i came out and into her room she sang a dutch song for me my mam mailed was so nice but i couldn't hear the words ^^ it was so funny..and we hugged a lot!!

After that we went to ihop (international house of pancakes) it was reallly!!! nicce!!! We had pancakes eggs bacon (I gave to destini the goddaughter of amy) potatoes and fruit. even amy had a nice breakfast without gluten !! We were so happy and even the waitress asked if i was we really looked like family and it felt like that!

After ihop we ran back home...i have fake nails and a new dress for the bday diner!! excited. today amy and destini and even brenda acted weird i had to stay a lot at JFK (school with wifi) to email/facebook/skype with sdu...I noticed that something was going on but couldnt' figure out what...In the evening changed clothes and destini made curls in my hear soooo nice...we drove to David's house cause they told me alana had a fever and a cold!! so she couldn't make the bday diner :( I came into the house and everyone said SURPRISE...!!!!!!!!! just everyone was sitting there!!! was AMAZING SO SURPRISED!!! I felt so loved!! They made little cards with my name bday cake with picture little lollipop chocolates, little chocolates in a heart box heart balloons, chocolate fontain with marshmellows and strawberries and diner like pasta, ziti, rice, garlic bread, salat etc. It was so nice !!!! was happy alana was not sick..

So when I got my diner alana insisted that i had to sit next to her!! hihi it was so nice she made a cupcake for me and i made one for her <3 After that we did a lot of dancegames on the wii so nice!! I was moving and had a lot of fun!!

When I cut the bday cake they gave me presents and said alll those nice things about me <3 I felt so loved!! they gave me al ot of presentS!!! yeahhh!!! when we left david's house trinity sierra and tashae came with us for a SLEEPOVER!!!!!! yeaaahhhhhh at home we talked a lot and had so much fun!!!

In the morning i made them all breakfast half bagel with egg cheez nd fruitcup they were so happy cause a lot of them don't eat breakfast on saturday morning ...

It was my last practise  i had to give a warming up(did a good job) and i tried to dance as good as possible on shavonnes danceclass!! it was nice..the piroutes stretching pointing and sixties dances :) soo crazy!! After that i recorden some dances i want to take i could teach them to sdu!!

In the evening we went to a danceshow from shavonne and others that went to was really nice and they had all those african clothes on!! beautiful! They even had a lottery for a sixers B. Jones shirt !!! so i bought a ticket...didn't won :(

At home I bought pizza at dominos!! and we had another sleepover...first we watched a movie: untracable it was about an person who had this site : and when the more people visited the site the easier the people were killed. it was ssooo scary...tashae and i had to put the pillows sometimes before our head...because the way the people were almost killed was too bad too see but still we wanted to see the end of the movie..and it was a good movie! After that we had to watch a komedie...JUSTIN BIEBER!! hahaha we were rollin' hahah tashae and i laughed soo much!!!!

In the morning we had to go to church early cause i had a bass lesson from tyler. It was sooo nice to handle a bass guitar quit heavy but really nice. He learned me a lot of riffs and when i was practising a riff Tyler, Christian nd Will or Joshua started to sing /rap on the beat that was so AWESOME!! too bad that i coudn't record it :( but still tyler is a really good teacher and i learned alot my hands were shacking!!

At church i already missed the worship part (and even amy had a testimony about me...people said some things about me and i didn't hear it :( But after that Mrs dean gave me certificate (that i joined the church and more etc) and all the children spontainuously came around me even alana grabbed my leg <3 it was really nice. After that i said goodbye and lovely words about them..i'm going to miss them ...

They even had a nice thing: they had to find several bible verses for if they found it they could read it and earn some money!! so I helped the children around me :) cause it was first for children. after that the adults went crazy running to speak out their verse XD sooo funny.

After church i hugged a lot and i played football with two little guys it was really niced and they enjoined it!!

When we were home we went to mr Dean's house for a diner party at 4PM it was nice and i could see everyone again!! the food was nice and i even got to see midnight the dog in real life out of the washing room..

On monday i went with mr dean to breakfast restaurant...perkins...had the whole breakfast special: eggs, pancakes, fruit, potatoes !! jummy!!! We found an eagles jacket for my bro and went back to get destini for the bus. We put her on the bus in philly and our journey to find the perfect fitted hat started!!! finally found one at libs gallery philly!!! yeahh!!! we even got to the christian bookstore for books for my mam and dad!! reallly nice they're gonna love it!!

When we came back i started to pack cause we had a bible study at 6!!!! and the presents for fia are arrived (little wooden shoes made of white stone with blue paintings) At bible study i started to write all those personal cards to everyone 38!!!!!!! i did not finish that evening also wanted to talk a lot with them cause was my last evening!!!! And tyler came to say goodbye. I shared all the gifts and chirstian even tried to put the little shoe on XD too funny..Imani and dominique even had a gift for me <3 they are so cute!!!

At home i wrote each card full! took me till 3AM!!! after that packing till 6AM one hour sleep and at 8AM trinity and alana came to say bye!! so cute!! hugged them alot and alana looked sad :( poor baby.. I took a shower and started to pack more brenda came at 11AM and we were nice chitchatting ... We had to go to the office to print my boarding pass and when the time was there to leave i hugged amy and i cried so much!!! in the car i cried all the dean brought me there....befor i got to the plane i was so sad. In the plane i wrote everything down from friday till this moment. so i cried a lot... and thought a lot about the days!! the guy (40 years old) next to me talked to me (before i was crying) he just visited nyc for two weeks to feed the cat!! that's what i want!! hihih. when i arrived i felt so weird and empty ,,,in the arriving hall there was lieke my dad, mam and bro.!!! with a banner!!! sooo nice!! hugged them a lot. and its weird to hear all that dutch speakin' !!

The whole day was struggeling to not fall asleep with lieke and my mam we went after watching pictures to the woods and walked alot and it was COLD!!!!! 23 Fahrenheit!!!! hot chocolate made me warm :) in the evening we baked a cake and i ate some of the food but a little had a shower and was glad to fall asleep !!

This morning i woke up at noon!! forgot the alarm clock!! it was an easy day...just watching tv wrote email to amy and realaxed...the noon my bro came home chitchat a lot was really nice to see him again!! my room is so big!!! i came over to jolien's house to speak and show here the pics i made from people etc. when she had to eat i came home for diner my bro and i had to still found something for my mam she's going to be 45 tomorrow!! and i forgot to shop!! So we went to the AH bought things for breakfast flowers and a card :) we will figure out something about a diner or something :) but its so nice to see him!!

it is almost 1AM local time so i have to sleep now ;) but i'll keep updated what i will do for australia but i miss them a LOTTTTT!!

take care,


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Renny 03-02-2012 11:23

Ah... so cute! Welcome home, Lisette!!! You had an awesome time in the US. And now I'm curious if your voluntary job was successful as well. Blessings!


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