Fraser Island!!!

Yeahhhaa Fraser Island!!

Today is the day! we had to wake up early and watch get together with the group at 6.30AM!! Yesterday we already bought all our food and alcohol..yesz man!

I ended up with a totally dutch 4x4drive car!! too funny! it was so much fun in the car! first we went on the ferry to get to fraser island! it was a long way but I saw sea turtles!! AWESOME!! when we arrived we had to drive a long time through the (rain)forest on a sand path sometimes the car just slipped away and one time we couldn't get up the hill so we had to reverse and try again...but the weather was just blue and sunny!!

We saw so many blue lakes with the whitest sand i've ever seen! did a rainforest walk and swom a lot! in the evening we head to a campsite just next to the beach!! we had a great burger dinner and after just a lot of guhl!!!ahahahah makes me laugh so much (it's just really cheap wine) heaps of drinking games and crazy pictures!!

oh and we took our dingo stick with us...we were laughing around....they have heaps ofdingos here...and they can smell blood of a period kinda creepy..

saw the sunrise with people amazing!!

Next day we went first to a cold creek where you could just lay in and the creak took you down. Just lay on your back and relax!! it was so cold so everyone woke up from hangovers etcc... after we drove over the beach and that was an amazing experience!! just over the beach driving!! one time we drove over a little hill and the car jumped in the air!! woehoeooe When we stopped I just exploded out of the car and ran to the ocean!! ahahah everyone was looking and were just like WTF??!!! I just wanted to go check thesea out!!

After we went to a big sand desert with an paradise lake!! beautifully green...just layingaround and swimming..yeah we're living the life!! made some awesome pictures so jolien and me were back to late...everyone was alreadyin the car..but no worries this is australia!

We went to the champagne pools those are spa look like pools next to the sea where we just sat and relax.. head back to the cold creek for a quick shower.

Oehh we also went to the point of the island and stand on the cliffs even everyone crossed theline where it was dangerous you know we are backpackers.... made awesome pics...but here are so many sharks they say so we couldnt swim in the ocean...backa.

I think i'm even more brown now I tan a lot and you guys would be yelouswhen i'm back ;)

Last night saugages with hashbrown (but there was a hole in the pack so they were all soaked in water and not eatable anymore :( But this night was crazy drank a lot of guhl playes so many drinking games. even with steven...who gets the 3 is steven and people have to 'feed' him drinks he cannot do anything or say anyting jolien and i had to carry charlotte tothe beach for a pee (yes no toilets no showers back to basic...just on thebeach) then we went to the other camp for more drinking games...met other people played crazy games and went to the beach..

the guys showed their but...why?? i don't know... laughed a lot made some nice pics.. I slept everynight good on my thin mat (just on the ground without pillow and a sleepingbag without zipper) but iwas alright my head was tired

Next day to lake mackenzie the main tourist attraction of the beach and i saw why it's just so blue !!! incredible..made so many pictures i will uploadthem next week when i'm inbowen for wwoofing..

Now I have to prepare for whitsundays i'm gonna go on the boat at 1.00pm!! yeahhh almost now it's 10.00AM!!! can't wait!! also for easter on the boat! the weather is amazing and i'm gonna love it! only again no shower but that's fine...

Can't wait to show you the pics!!!



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Claudia 08-04-2012 13:42

Hai lieve Lisette,
Allereerst natuurlijk een Zalig Pasen. Ben zo benieuwd naar je foto's, lijkt me echt geweldig om ze te zien en jouw enthousiaste verhalen te horen. Echt zo blij, dat je het daar naar je zin hebt. Geniet van elk moment, koester deze herinneringen. Zo mooi

Opa 10-04-2012 12:06

Lieve Lisette, Je verhalen lees ik met interesse en verbaas me erover dat je tussen je vele activiteiten nog tijd vindt om zulke uitgebreide verslagen van je reis te maken. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar je foto's en ook naar je schetsen. Geniet maar veel van deze unieke ervaringen en houd het hoofd nuchter. Groeten, Opa

Inka 10-04-2012 19:25

Al die drank..... tja... kan me voorstellen dat je zo geniet .That's life. Ik kan niet wachten totdat jij met de foto's thuiskomt. Zijn het er net zoveel als die vanuit Amerika? Jij leeft het backpacklife precies zoals ik het me voorstel...en die natuur... really great!! Ik ga alvast muren leeghalen voor al die mooie uitvergrotingen. Geniet de laatste 3 weken en veel plezier met de paarden in the woof. Is Larissa al weer in beeld? Kan niet wachten om je terug te zien.. lekker bruin bekkie! Kus en hug


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