Kangaroos & Koala petting!!

G day evryone!!!

How are ya?!

I'm fine the time is flying and I'm experiencing so much...so I'm gonna tell about it here :) yeahh so right now we are in Coffs Harbour!! (yes you can search it on google in australia..that would be great!) we just arrived this morning with greyhound.

I'm gonna go back in time now:

za 28-02
Bondi Beach!!

Yeas it's true here on Bondi beach are a lot of beautiful people...with sixpacks and girls that are really healthy you really have to look for fat people. I think australia is a kinda healthy country. Bondi beach was amazing just like in the movies. Imagine a white beach with wonderful blue clear water and all those surfer dudes riding waves. AMAZING!! Yes it was the first time in the hot sun tanning and off course I got burned!! hihi I forgot to put sunprotection cream on my feet so after that day I had red feet!! too funny!! After a quick swim and laying on the beach we walked the coast walk to coogee.. on the middle we found a nice cave underneath rocks in the shaddow where we could sit and just enjoy being here. It made me think about a lot of things and the feeling of the wind here is a really nice feeling. On this bay there were a lot of dogs so I enjoyned watching them :)

zo 26-02
New Castle

No not England...but in AUSTRALIA!! It's a small town and really peacefull the hostel was really nice. they even had a swimmingpool! Between 7AM and 5PM the busses are all free in the center area!! CHILL! so we got a bus to the sea and just laid down on the beach...mmmm that's life!! Oh yeah they have here a street where we have totally free wifi!! love free wifi!!

ma 27-02
Kangaroos & Koalas!!

Today we went to the Blackbutt (XD) reservate!! They had all those wildlife like Emus, kangaroos, koalas, walibis, reptiles, native birds, wombats and more.!! and it was for free!!! It is like a really big park where people come to picknick etc.. really nice!!! So I looked around and I was amazed by all those animals made so many pictures..and then in the afternoon we could pet a koals for 4 dollar! yeahh so now I know how a koala feels!! I didn't came too close with my head cause they have this major claws and I don't want a scratch....Then we went to the kangaroos and I smiled when i saw them 'hopping' it is so funny! they were just chilling in the sun cause it was pretty hot. so i had the opportunity to draw a lot of them ( i try to draw things about places i've been...and till now I do pretty good)

At night we already ate this wonderful rice with vegetables..delicious...and then the owner said: we have free saugages and bread tonight...so they even had vegetarian and we got a second meal!! hahaha too funny but it was really good to connect ourselfs with other backpackers. I felt more like home then a really good feeling.

I'm getting more used to the backpacking..it's only hard that we leave really soon on every place so you or have to make friends really quick or its just a common conversation (what sometimes is pretty interesting)

di 28-02
Coffs Harbour

Today we arrived at coffs harbour! It is a big hostel and they have so much space here. A lot of backpackers are here and we got a pickup by accident :) there was already a guy waiting for people of its hostel so we could join the ride!!! He showed us the surroundings the sea and the mountain view..You can do so much here but we only have one whole day so we have to make choices. They have a lot of surfing things and even horseriding...but we probably are gonna do the big banana a kinda famous things of coffs harbour..I'm gonna see tomorrow.

Tonight they also got saugages night but we had to pay 3 dollars...so we decided that we just made our delicious burrito's and they were delicioso!!!

So that's what happend the last days. not that much to tell but I can tell that I'm getting more used and that I now can survive without wanting to take the first plane home. Still miss my mam but It's nice that we are together here. I don't know how it would be if I was alone...

Love to you all!!!


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Inka 28-02-2012 11:46

Wouw Cofff Harbour, dofijnen , zwembaden, surfen TOP. Heb al je locaties gegoogled. Wat ontzettend leuk allemaal! Blackbutt....koalaaaasss echte! Jullie ervaren echt een top tijd. Fijn dat je samen met larissa. Laat je je telefoonummer nog even horen? Meisje.. de sauna staat al weer te wachten. KUSSSSSSSSSSsss

Eljo 28-02-2012 11:47

Hé liever dochter,
Mijn collega Eljo wil je graag volgen. Hierbij heb ik haar aangemeld. Kus Inka

Opa 28-02-2012 11:55

lieve Lisette,
Zojuist heb ik je laatste blog gelezen. Die van vandaag, want door het tijdsverschil loop je een halve dag voor op ons hier. Je hebt wel een vol reisprogramma. Elke dag een andere bestemming. Je hoofd moet welhaast overlopen van de vele indrukken. Leuk dat je ook tekeningen maakt van de bijzondere dieren, die ja daar ziet. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar het resultaat. Maar dat duurt nog even. Gelukkig heb je een vriendin bij je met wie je ervaringen kunt uitwisselen. Een goede remedie tegen eenzaamheid en heimwee, Hou je taai en geniet van deze unieke ervaringen.
hartelijke groeten van Opa

Gerard van Viegen 28-02-2012 12:56

Wat een andere wereld, Lisette. En een beach die er ook heel anders uitziet!
Reizen en trekken en iedere keer andere plaatsen en mensen. Naast ontspanning ook vast wel inspannend. Goede tijd daar aan de andere kant van de globe.

Theo 29-02-2012 20:07

Hoi Lisette,
Ik heb met belangstelling je bericht gelezen over Bondi Beach.
Leuk zeg al die mooie vrouwen !!.... Heb je ook foto's ?? ( Grapje !! )

Gaaf dame, dat jullie reis zo voorspoedig verloopt. Elke keer als ik je verhalen lees, spettert het van mijn scherm af. Geniet ervan.... tijd gaat inderdaad snel. Groet, Theo


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