I'm living tha life!!


Yes still in brizzy :) ahahahah~!!1! i'm just enjoying everything here. In my dorm i have now some good friends we've been together now for 2 weeks so we do a lot togeter. 3 english girls and a swedish girl!! kinda nizzzee!!

I'm just gonna give a quick overview what i'm into rigt now!

Tonight I went to a big nightclub kinda like a nightclub where all students of brisbane go to for a night out so it was BUSZZYYY!! yeah it was crazyy! but loats of fun.!! Before we went out we went to 2 friends of the 3 english girls i went with: emma, emmily and allison. we did drinking games and it was so much fun!! I was not drunk but I did felt it :) in the club VICTORY we had drinks for 3 dollar!! yeah man that's what im talking about!! Danced a lot and it was a good club..was outside for a bit but still covered...met a guy and crazy nights :P

Today I just went into the city shopping and kinda stuff !! was fun !! Got some food and chocolate!! know i was fasting but now its hard to keep it working around...you know! this night there was a latin dancing thing comming up and i wanted to go. I called jeremiah and he came met him at hungry jacks (mcd) and we went there his homie blaze went with us. but he was a bit overwelmed by the level of the dancers so he didn't want to....allright i will teach him some in the future!! went with him to some homeboys house in the south of brisbane. All black people a little uncomfortable at beginning cause they sometimes speak some weird african language (theyre all from africa) but after a while everything was allright. Went with them to the nightclub uber and talked a lot to homegirl bookie she was fun to talk with and she is a fashion designer niccee!! after a while ak came finally danced a lot and he bought me some drink..cause first i bought with bookie a drink like a monster cause we needed some energy and he was like ya drinking that shit get some alcohol ...too funny. but yeah i think it was good. after a while the club was closing and i went with them home slept there for the night...was too late to go back..


sleep out for a bit...and after a lovely shower went with them to a bbq party!!! yeah we first had to wait for the meat so we just chilled in the room with some black rap music on like little wayne. i almost feel asleep didnt had breakfast or lunch but when we got meat i was like yeaahhhhh i like meat again!!! ahahahah so guys i'm no vegetarian anymore give me some meat! we ate a lot and after smoked waterpipe and drink some free alcohol!! was fun cause they are all basketball players and nice people to talk with. just fun that you get to know people that actually live here. spend another night there.


I went back to my hostel with ak the bus was kinda cheap and it felt weird to be back in the city again :) but it was kinda nice to get a good sleep in my own bed! i think i just chilled out todayin the night we went to a church but i had to get check something with my flight so i ended up comming in church to get the blessing and that was all...but still i got the blessing!!

This day i was really thinking about getting a working visa and spend another 3 months in australia for that i had to get outta the country and apply for one. but when i called KLM they told me i couldnt change my flightticket so it would be too expensive to buy another one way ticket so all my options were gone i have to go now on the 4 of march ...too bad!!


tday we chilled all out in the park which was nice! did some sketching and just laid around. after that head back for some lunch and got the citycat on the river!! it was a ferry and we saw some beautifull river views from brizzy!! chill! made some pics with my friends and ate together with them...i made pancakes!! jummy! but i was so full!

in the night we played uno together in the bar! it was kinda nice together with emma and hanna! we played it several times and really liked it then there came some essex boys who wanted to also play and it was fun :)and hanna jumped into a drinking game (she has a working interview tomorrow...) and we all looked.. the one essex boy kinda said something to diss me so im the person not to play with and especially when i'm kinda tired so ended up giving a soft slap on his face...then their friends loved me :D hahaha was just too funny we were all laughing!!


Today we are gonna cook together with a big group gonna be fun cause we are making something with heaps of veggies somthing real healthy!! can't wait..

Cause i'm now headding back on the 4th of may i have so much money left so planning to buy some things today like a hot snapbakc thinking about the chicago bulls number one in nba leage cause i'm really missing my snap...! and maybe a rosecross necklace trusting God again took me a while but i know he will carry me <3

So yeah that's my life and next week is fraser island...2 days in 1770 and then sailing whitsunday and from the 10th till 17th of april a week wwoofing in bowen!! with horsezee!!! cant wait

Tell me what ya upto!


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inka 27-03-2012 10:28

Wow wat een verhaal.. moet ik mij zorgen gaan maken. KLM THANKS! hihihi beppie..... Pas je wel een beetje op.. .al die donkere kroegen... alle vertrouwen hoor!! Ga je nog divinglessons nemen in Bareer Reef? Succes on horses... Zie ja al onder die zadels hangen. Kus Kus MIS JE.

Renny 28-03-2012 21:42

Wild stories, girl! En tussendoor klinken de mooie klanken die vaders en moeders graag horen: but still i got the blessing!! (Luister naar je moeder.) ))


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