Polo!! & back in Brizzy!!

Heya evryone!!

My wwoofing week is now finally ending :( it feels really sad that I have to leave. I had a really great time over there. Hailey and Sarala were beautiful children and they learned me so much! and the parents were so kind and i always had nice conversations and really good FOOD!! yes the mam really cooked very well!!!

On the last day I got an email that Larissa was gonna go to tasmania...so after thinking I decided to go back to Brizzy....because cairns is flooded and hervey bay got lightnings for weather forecast!!! But i could stay for one other day and.....got to play polo on a real horse!! First i was riding Houdini for the last time...i rode this horse for 3 times and i really loved this horse :) he got me flying through the fields..after that I got the polo horse saddled up and first Tim (father) was gonna teach me what i had to do (already learned how to play on a wooden horse). He gave me a little bigger bal like a little nike ball to practise (how they do it with university polo) and then it was my turn!! It was pretty hard on a walking horse and when you miss the ball you have to make a full round around the ball otherwise you 'break' the horse ... so i missed a lot of times...but was really happy when i slammed some good ones!! and then
PAMPAMPAM I tried galloping! of course missed the first ones but then i hit some pretty good ones!! I played for a long time and tim already called a lot of times for diner...but i was too focussed so i didn't hear it.. when it got dark i went back :) put the horse in the field and got a shower. When i was changing i heard tim saying to the other people that I was pretty good at polo ...YEAH THANKS!! there were other friends comming over for diner also polo players ..(more polo-crosse...mix of polo and lacrosse) and it was really nice.

Next day I was leaving back to brisbane....it was weird to be back but it felt pretty good..and especially travelling on my own was kinda nice! Got back to the wicked travel agency for free internet and said hello to the staff over there :) there were like: hey Lisette :) hi!! The hostel is AMAZING i got a 6 dorm (normally 31 dollar) for 18 dollars a night!! with the vouchers from fraser Island i got.!! so hell ya that's kinda good!

And I already lost my key in the first hour i was in my room i only went to the bedroom and ended up with another flyer where the roomcard is in. so I got an empty flyer and another flyer from another room with roomkey...So as an backpacker you just go downstairs and say to the staff that the key didn't work anymore..they just say: which room? 102? allright! bleep..here you go!! THANKS!!!

Then I went to southbank cause there was a zumba party...ended up that i couldn't find it too bad...but I had a nice diner after that with larissa which is leaving the day after to TAS. It was really nice i had a beautiful lasagna and a crepe with banana and vanilla icecream/baileys as desert...These days when i got back i could just treat myself! we had a reallly nice conversation and laughed a lot. It was good to see eachother again :)

The next day I went shopping!! got a new dress and a sketchbook!! also food so i could have some lunch :) I came out my bed at 11 so could just eat lunch  :) I sat down at the riverside and was drawing in my sketchbook. A big group of Japanese was passing by and they were all amazed by what i was drawing (they said i was talented :) and they made a lot of pictures of me...i was a tourist attraction!! another experience!! and some australian mates said: THAT's AMAZING and ARE YOU AN ARCHITECT? i got a lot of compliments so i felt pretty good !!

In the evening i met 2 dutch girls and we ate together...i now have their leftover pasta...this is how we do it!! Het was erg gezellig en ook met een fransman gepraat maar toen kwam er nog een nederlandse jongen die de twee meisjes nog kende erbij zitten en tsja dan wordt het toch een nederlandse bende ...maarja het was prima...heel gezellig!!! Na het eten omkleden in een jurkje die ik had gekocht optutten en met z'n 4en een biertje drinken op queen street mall! was really nice!! it was a cafe outside so it was really nice! After that we went to Down&Under that's the bar/club underneath our hostel were i also went last time i was in brisbane...just drinking some beer and go crazy...there was a wet t-shirt contest and thats definatly not censured XD hahahah even the guys went stripping but they were not allowed to show their penis. it was a crazy mess.... after that danced with some guys ended up with a black guy cause they are just really good dancers and i like that! het came primarly from kenya and lived here for 10 years now ! he is a BASKETBALL PLAYER!!! hahaha so we got all these talks about the PHILADELPHIA 76ers and all those players etc...was nice to talk about basketball again cause i really love that! He is maybe gonna teach me some more basketball!! and he has a game on sunday maybe gonna see that ( he plays on a high level and got several prices) ended up with almost no sleep..could sleep for only 2 hours ....

Today we were at the lone pine koala sanctuary Here we cuddled koalas!!!, pet kangaroos, saw wombats, frogs, tasmanian devil, cockatoos, platypus, dingos, heaps of koalas, snakes, turtles, guanas, fresh water crocs !! It was an amazing day I went with the 2 dutch girls Sanne and Martine which i met yesterday...We had a ball and made some really good pictures!!

Ohh and I met some people in my room english girls gonna go out tonight with them.!! gonna be crazzyyyy

Maybe I'm gonna have a kitesurfing lesson...hope so!! from a guy i met.



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