Speaking toughts in speechless words

Hi sweet readers,

You didn't hear from me for a really long time (and sorry for typing english but that's easier at the moment ;) this weekend was a rough time for me..I had a call that my grandma had a heart attack (she's fine now) but it made me realize that i'm so far away and there is nothing i could do at the moment than just wait and continue living..it felt so weird but it tought me a lesson..sometimes we have to wait and we cannot control everything I'm here for a reason that God has for me and he will take care off all the situations around me so I just have to trust him and put all my faith in him that everything will be fine. And I trusted (cried a lot but trusted) sometimes we are just so afraid to loose our control that we become more afraid than we were only God can make us stronger and help us understand why things happen. So please guys I miss you but I know God has something in store for you right now...You just have to find out!!

And God did take care ...The day after the phone call was the annual health fair from fia. It is a community event (because martin luther king day) which offers free screenings like blood pressure, suger height in blood, your spinal if you have nerves in you body, HIV/AIDS. it also keeps offers children entertainment with a character SPONGEBOB and stepdance, ZUMBA and a community talent show. This day made me smile :D I felt that God wanted to just let him handle things. But not everything was easy. Amy first told me i had to help with the warming center (giving out hats and gloves) but than I had to help with the kids station (sometimes i'm scared of little kids) so this was a real challange and at first it felt akward..but after that I talked with some kids coloured with them laughed and we played with the ducks in the water. they really liked me and it touched my heart they came to me to say things to me and they really wanted to play with me and learned me that I didn't had any reason to be afraid.
soo the next thing Dawne said that I had to do a little step workshop...and I tought it would be hard. but the kids really paid attention to me and Michelle helped me out sometimes and Uno also joind and it was a happy group of little kids. it was so much fun! we even performed it!

We also did a stepdance performing first in the beginning and after that psalm 23 and Flame...altough i didn't knew the stepping ( i can fake good and i was in the back back) but I had fun and did a good job!! jeahh i really liked it and people came to me and said that I did good!!!

We also had a gym workshop...and that was fun we had to sit on a bike and standing peddeling...(I messed up cause my strapes on my shoes were to loose so I almost fell off...shame ) but after that we had to do some excersises and it was funn!!

The day was really nice and after that we went to the bolling alley with whole fia!! So much fun!! it was really gezellig (no other translation fits!!) It was a good finisher of the day!

After bowling Trinity India and Jessica went over to our place and we watched some movies till late till we fall asleep on the couch (home alone and mr beans holiday!) thank you god for this day!

Yeahh I went to a basketball game!!!! 76ers in Philadelphia against the Milwaukee bucks!! together with mr Dean, Amy, Cierra, India and Trinity! It was sooooooooooo AWESOME!! at first when we came in soo many people and it is huge there!! we came to our seats and the basketball players started with a warming up. Of course they had a lady who sung the american song...and it really was let's say AMERICAN...hihi...After that a dance from cheerleaders and the pronouncements of all the players. In the first quarter the Bucks already made the fist points!! aaahhh!!! that's not gonna happen...but after that they stayed even everytime...till half time (sixers had more points but not a lot more) In the halftime the danceteam showed some mad dunkings with a trampoline...like flipovers, salto's and some stretching...INCREDIBLE!! they also shooted some t-shirts in the area trinity and i really screamed for one but we didnt get it :( it's okay... I was really into the game and they played very good!! I definatly love basketball and trinity and I went crazy when they scored!! hahah..and at the end...the SIXERS WON!!!!! YEAHHHHHH everywhere they were shooting red-white-blue pieces of paper...like a dream!! hugging everyone screaming!!! yeahhhhh was so cool!

This is a video about the game: pictures soon on facebook!!

So yeahh i had a really good experience!!They basketball was AWESOME !! we had some close seats row 16 or so.. so i have really good pictures!!

have to find somewhere a cap of the sixers...difinitly want one ..but they were mad expensive there so i'll look somewhere else ;)

I just love being here and everyone is great here...I also want to see you guys so don't be sad I'll be there in two weeks!!!

Love you all!!

Your american basketball adicted crazy girl!

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Gerard van Viegen 17-01-2012 09:56

Wat een ervaring, Lisette, zo'n health care dag. En dan de kinderopvang doen! Op allerlei manieren wordt je in het diepe gegooid. Je leert zo inderdaad wel vertrouwen dat je niet alles in de hand hoeft te hebben.

Groeten van ons allemaal,
oom Gerard, tante Heleen, Joost en Thijs

Opa 17-01-2012 12:51

Lieve Lisette,
Je laatste verslag in het engels heb ik met veel interesse gelezen. Ook je filmpje van de basketbalwedstrijd. Full screen! Dat je al die technieken ook al onder de knie hebt! Ik moet vaak lachen om al je emotionele kreten: Hi - Ah- waw ! etc. Pas maar op dat je met al die emoties je hart niet verslijt. Maar geniet maar volop van de vele nieuwe ervaringen die je nu opdoet. Een unieke kans. Je tijd begint nu al weer aardig op te schieten. Nog twee weekjes. En dan komt je verjaardag ook al weer in zicht. Die zul je daar nog vieren, maar wij doen het daarna hier nog wel over. Groetjes, Opa

Renny 18-01-2012 12:05

Yeah! Love basketball too!
Maar waar zat jij nu in het publiek? Heb het filmpje wel 10 keer bekeken... op zoek naar een uitzinnige hoogblonde Hollandse... *grijns*
Weet je wat zo mooi is, Lisette. Dat waar je ook bent, God altijd dezelfde is. Dat afstanden voor Hem geen enkel beletsel vormen. En dat Hij je altijd geeft wat je werkelijk nodig hebt; nu waren dat waarschijnlijk een paar belangrijke levenslessen. Ben trots op je!

Bernadet 23-01-2012 16:52

Lieve Liset,
Wat doe jij mooie en bijzondere ervaringen op daar in Amerika!
Je verhalen zijn echt geweldig om te lezen!
Ik hoop dat je de laatste weekjes nog volop geniet daar, maar dat zal vast en zeker wel lukken! En volgende week natuurlijk met je verjaardag!
Lieve meid, heel veel plezier daar nog met alle lieve mensen om je heen!

Dikke knuffel en kus van bernadet!!! xxx


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